“Having worked closely with Barry for a number of years, I can highly recommend his services.
Barry is a natural in finding that hidden detail in cases and as we know “the devil is in the detail” and so you will not go wrong should you instruct Barry!”.

Ruth Deakin / Legal Executive and Director of Optimal Employment Law Limited

“I had Barry as an opponent in a case that was daunting in scale and which placed particular pressures on him as he was representing a client who was vulnerable.
Barry handled it all with an impressive mix of compassion, insight and determination to do the very best for his client.”

Sean Jones / QC

“Barry is an excellent dedicated colleague who puts his heart and soul into all of his endeavours. His legal skills, knowledge and experience as an employment law barrister are well documented and he is a well-respected member of both the legal and academic community, and as an experienced board member in his varied positions.”

Ruth Sutton / Barrister and Associate Professor of Law, University of Chester


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